Paver accelerated curing system

The WONIR curing system is a patented system of closed chambers used for accelerated curing of products, for example concrete blocks and pavers. Each chamber is equipped with an independent set of devices which ensures proper temperature, moisture regulation and air circulation. Due to the above, an appropriate microclimate is maintained in each chamber which matches the condition of the products. All chambers can be controlled independently via the operator panel or a computer with the SCADA system which shows all parameters, settings and condition of the paver accelerated curing system.

An advantage of introducing the paver accelerated curing system is a reduction of the time needed to obtain the characteristics of the product such as achieving an uniform structure and surface, improving the uniformity of the colours as well as minimising the blemishes which may appear on the surface of the products.
The WONIR paver accelerated curing system is a perfect solution for plants aimed at increasing the output of production as well as for companies which consider high quality as an important element of their activity.

The WONIR paver accelerated curing systems have been acclaimed for many years by production plants in various regions of Poland.